Seminary Voices

“Love thy Neighbor: Vaccines and Religion” –Susan R. Garrett

“Race and Faith in Our City” –Rachel Helgeson (MDiv ‘12)

“The Relationship between the Bible, faith, and the law” –Rev. Sandra Moon, JD

“2021 Commencement Address: Where Will Your Footprints Lead?” –Doris Garcia-Rivera

“Pressing Forward and Pushing Through” –Adrian Baker

“A Meditation for Easter” –Alton B. Pollard, III

“Statement on Anti-Racism and Violence”

“One Year in the Life” –Alton B. Pollard, III

“Nones Eating Naan” –Friar John Pozhathuparambil

“Vintage Saints & Sinners: Toni Morrison” –Alton B. Pollard, III

“Louisville Seminary African American Read-In” –Watch it on YouTube

“Black Lives and Theological Education” –Alton B. Pollard, III

“Mentoring and Being Mentored” –Dean K. Thompson

“Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration Service” –Alton B. Pollard, III

“Family Matters to the People of God” –Anita Coleman

“A Prayer for the Country” –Glen Bell

“A Prayer for Civic Hope” –Amos Disasa

“The Magnificat: Canticle of the Turning” –Beth Herrinton-Hodge

“The Consequences of Biblical Interpretation” –Justin Reed

“Vintage Saints and Sinners: Stories of Hope & Connection” –Alton B. Pollard, III

“Encountering God in Times of Fear” –Susan R. Garrett

“The Biblical Basis for Socialism is Undeniable” –Angela Cowser

“In Thanksgiving” –Alton B. Pollard, III

“Whosoever: Leading with Conviction” –Alton B. Pollard, III

“A National Coming Out Day Message” –Sherry Arconti I

“Because WE ARE: A Statement in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement from Louisville Seminary”

“Practicing What We Preach” –Debra J. Mumford

“Do Justice” –Alton B. Pollard, III

“White Silence is Violence. White Silence is Broken.” –Heather Thum-Gerber

“Prisoners of Hope” –Glen Bell

“Why Church? Why Theatre?” –Shannon Craigo-Snell

“Racial Capitalism” –Angela Cowser

“Coming Out Stories” –Debra J. Mumford

“Now is Not a Time for Silence” –Sandra Moon

“Kentucky is better than recent events suggest” –Kilen K. Gray

“MY WORD: Racism, repentance and a way forward” –Brian Harrington, DMin Student

“The Liturgy of a Black Lives Matter Protest” –Shannon Craigo-Snell

“With A Knee On Our Neck” –Alton B. Pollard, III

“Why Louisville Seminary” –Jemicah Stevens

“In This Passion Season” –Alton B. Pollard, III

“In All Our searching” –Alton B. Pollard, III

“Life’s Not Fair” –Justin Reed

“At the bedside of those dying ‘alone’ from COVID-19, there is a loving presence.” –Bill Holmes (MDiv ’10)