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During my stay, I experienced . . .

My overall experience here was good, and I would recommend this hotel to my friends.

Check in

My reservation record was accurate.

The check-in process was timely and efficient.

The check-in staff was courteous.

Guest Room

My room was clean and comfortable.

My room was decorated and furnished appropriately.

My bed and bedding were comfortable.

Heating/cooling/ventilation worked properly.

TV, remote, phone, clock radio and etc. worked properly.

Guest Staff

The guest staff was prompt, reliable, and friendly.

The guest staff was knowledgeable and fully answered my questions.

Housekeeping staff was friendly and reliable.

Management was available to solve problems.


Catering Service provided quality food (taste, look, temperature).

My food and beverage orders were delivered accurately.

The catering staff was knowledgeable, timely and efficient.

Conference Facilities

Conference Facilities were comfortable, properly furnished and equipped with multi-media.

Business Service Center

Business Service Center was convenient, accessible and properly equipped.

Check Out

The check-out process was timely and efficient.

I received a complete and accurate bill.

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