Laws Lodge Conference Evaluation Form

May we take this opportunity to express to you our appreciation for having selected Laws Lodge Conference Center at Louisville Seminary as the host site for your recent event! It’s our hope that our services contributed to the success of your meeting/conference. We would appreciate your input to the following evaluation, which is our most valuable means of learning how we can improve our services. Please skip any questions that do not apply to your meeting/conference.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this evaluation. Our goal is complete guest satisfaction. We welcome suggestions and comments by which we can better serve you.

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First and Last Name

Conference Name

Part I: Planning Phase

How satisfied were you overall with our Conference Services staff during the Planning Phase?

Other Comments regarding the Sales Phase?

Part II: Pre-Conference Phase

These questions pertain to the Pre-Conference Phase of your event. (The period immediately after the group sales agreement was signed.) This includes all planning, discussions and preparations leading up to the actual Conference.

Conference Services Contact

Contacted you at the appropriate time for your conference planning and returned your calls/e-mails in a timely manner?

Understood your challenges and offered creative solutions?

Was flexible enough to accommodate changes to the program?

Please rate your overall pre-conference experience.

Other comments regarding the Pre-Conference Phase?

Part III: Conference Phase

These questions pertain to the Conference itself; everything from start to finish of the event.


Cleanliness of your room

Cleanliness of the restrooms

Efficiency at Check-in

Friendliness of Front Desk Staff

Overall Rating

Additional comments regarding guest rooms?

Meals Provided By LPTS Dining Services



Cleanliness of Dining Hall

Catered Banquet Functions and/or Boxed Meals



Please rate your overall experience with dining and/or catering services

Other comments regarding dining and/or catering?

Meeting Space (If Applicable)

Cleanliness/condition of meeting space

Comfortable meeting environment (lighting, temperature, noise, etc.)

Other comments regarding the meeting space?

If you were planning another Conference in this area, how likely are you to hold an event at Laws Lodge Conference Center?

Throughout the entire conference experience, did you encounter any significant problems?

If yes, please describe

Have you hosted a conference with us before? If so, how would you rate this year's experience from the previous year(s)?

Are there any Conference Services Staff or Staff members in any other facility or department you would like to recognize for outstanding service?