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Caldwell Chapel

Louisville Seminary’s Caldwell Chapel provides a beautiful tranquil setting for weddings, special moments of prayer, and gatherings of reflection, grief, and worship. With a seating capacity of up to 300 guests, all denominations of faith are welcome.

The Lease Terms and Conditions reflect the Administration's desire to make Seminary facilities available to persons within the Seminary as well as outside community members and businesses.

Seminary academic classes and programming have first priority on the scheduling of space prior to May 31, each calendar year. On the first business day of June each calendar year, reservations for use of Seminary facilities will be opened to the outside community for the following calendar year.

Lessees of Gardencourt and Caldwell Chapel are strongly encouraged to have all unvaccinated/vaccinated guests wear a facial mask. It is ultimately the Lessee’s responsibility for determining who of their guests are vaccinated or not and to effectively communicate and enforce safety information regarding Covid-19 precautions. It is suggested that the Lessee retain a list of each guest’s vaccination status for tracking purposes. Louisville Seminary will provide a hand sanitizer station at the entrances of each building and will be continuing to take the appropriate Covid-19 cleaning precautions. This is subject to change.

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